I really like the idea of your products! Truman and I are heading out for a walk and we love the Pawstik!

Most sincerely

Gayle Crews and Truman


I just wanted to thank you for your Snoutstik product. Our dog, Biscuit, was diagnosed with lupus a year and a half ago. The disease has attacked his nose causing it to lose pigment and be very raw, dry and cracked. Because I have to protect his nose from the sun, the Snoutstik really covers all the bases. It's soothing, heals the dryness and provides UV protection. Thank you so much for this product! You have another loyal customer " )

God bless!

Jessica Kohan


The puppy shampoo arrived yesterday together with complimentary Paw Balm. Many thanks for both - we have used the Shampoo this morning as typical Yorkshire Dales weather meant that Phoebe came home from her early morning walk wet and dirty!

She is now shiny and clean thanks to your excellent product.

It is reassuring that it is totally natural and we can use it on a regular basis.

Paul Batty, North Yorkshire, UK


I gave my 7 month old Airedale, Abby, a bath for the first time several weeks ago. I wanted to get her used to the water, for her first groomer experience, which was this past Saturday. At home, when we used the Opie and Dixie shampoo, it was gentle to her skin, and smelled so good, I'd like to use it in MY HAIR!!!

After we went to the groomer on Saturday, my poor Abby started scratching herself on and off throughout the weekend. The next time we go, I'll be bringing our Opie & Dixie shampoo with me. It's the only shampoo I want used on my sweet girl. She deservies only THE BEST.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Marilyn, Gurnee, IL

Missy, Madi, & Zoey

Hi Debbie.

I wanted to thank you again for recommending your Flax Fur as a solution to help my Puggle Madi's skin condition. Early last year she had contracted what we believe, was a yeast infection, and it literally took over her lower half of her body. She scratched herself so hard that she was rippin gher hair out, and causing herself to bleed. Unfortunately, our Vet could not tell us what the problem was, and worse, could not tell us how to alleviate her suffering. (The Vet actually recommended a steroid cream which we found out later only compounds the problem). We then put Madi on an enzyme regimen and over a period of several weeks, the problem started to subside.

We have kept Madi on the same diet since then, and unfortunately the condition reappeared at the beginning of summer. Living in Vegas, she loves to go out in the sunshine, but when the weather hits 110 degrees and she starts to scratch, it looks like she is in unbearable discomfort. Fortunately, we found you and in all honesty, you have been nothing less than a Godsend (for Madi, her sister, and us). Your recommending taking her off of the kibble has certainly made a difference and we are now feeding her the raw food diet, and OMG....the girls love it. What really made the difference however, is the Flax Fur. As I stated earlier, it took weeks for her condition to get better using an enzyme regimen. In less than 2 weeks, Madi's condition is almost completely cleared up. She no longer itches or scracthes, and we are all so happy to have her back in her crazy-dog condition (if you own a Puggle, you know what I am talking about). On behalf of Madi,
Zoey (her Boston Terrier sister) and my girlfriend and I, we just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have a customer for life, and we have been singing your praises all over the place. God bless you and thank you for opening your heart to us.

Tim, Missy, Madi, & Zoey

Tim Delaney, Las Vegas, NV


I live with my husband, my son, and a miniature poodle named Chico. The boys outnumber me three to one. I enjoy bathing Chico with Opie & Dixie's luxurious products, and then I blow out his hair so he's especially fluffy. Chico is afraid of water, afraid of the hair dyer, and I know he'd rather rub himself in rotten fish than rosehips, but he's the only boy in the house that can't talk back when I lavish him with attentive grooming!

Alethea Morrison, Williamstown, MA

My Kitties!

I love George. My kitties are kind of picky about their toys and this place makes them happy! I got Flax Fur Pets dietary powder that goes into their food and they have more energy and their coats look beautiful.

Rebecca Wraxall, San Francisco, CA


"I started using Flax Fur on my vet's recommendation and this product has given my 10 year old dog a puppy-like attitude. She is healthier and her skin no longer itches. We are off all medications and I swear by this stuff. Thank you so much for creating Opie and Dixie. Whoever you are, you are a true animal lover."

Nancy Fedder, New York, NY

Molly, Kipper and Rocky

"Thanks for returning my call today. I purchased the Flax and shampoo on Amazon just now. I'm looking forward to trying the shampoo, though I doubt the pups do.
My 3 dogs love the taste of the Flax Fur Pets. I was looking for an Omega/Fatty Acid supplement for my dog's skin an allergy problems. The Lab's skin isn't flaky and her coat is softer. That was a surprising result so soon. My Sheltie's allergies seem to have improved as well. He's not scratching and chewing his feet hardly at all. Rocky my older poodly guy seems to have a little more spring in his step. I think you can tell by the grin on his face.
Thanks for making a responsible, safe US made product."

Patty Tanaka, San Diego, CA


"Ulysses has very sensitive skin and has always had allergies of one type or another. I've found that feeding him Opie & Dixie's flax supplement calms some of his itching and scratching, and the shampoo seems to keep his dandruff at bay. I use both as a pair and am very happy with the results."

Nathan Rohrback, San Francisco, CA