Eco-Friendly Packaging 101

Why Eco-Friendly Packaging? Well… why not?

We not only love our animals, but we love our environment too. Eco-friendly packaging has many benefits, which made it the clear choice for all of Opie & Dixie’s organic pet care products.

Honestly, we couldn’t have an organic pet care line and package our products using questionable containers and labels containing potentially harmful toxins. We would never want to risk contaminants leaching into our products. So, we took it upon ourselves to ensure that quality and consistency of our brand was of the utmost importance.  

Choosing sustainable packaging not only reduces emissions, solid waste, and water usage, but it also takes up less space! Since eco-friendly packaging is designed with the environment in mind, it is typically lighter and smaller than packaging used for common household products.  What’s in it in for you? Well, you save on shipping costs, since sustainable packaging weighs less than other plastics!

We made the tough decisions, so you don’t have to! Opie & Dixie will always keep you and your animal's health, safety, and the environment in mind.