Thu 01.24.19

Why Eco-Friendly Packaging? Well… why not?

We not only love our animals, but we love our environment too. Eco-friendly packaging has many benefits, which made it the clear choice for all of Opie & Dixie’s organic pet care products.

Honestly, we couldn’t have an organic pet care line and package our products using questionable containers and labels containing potentially harmful toxins. We would never want to risk contaminants leaching into our... Read more

Tue 12.18.18

Opie and Dixie is an organic pet care line that cares about animals and the environment. We have a series of videos on this site and on Youtube giving the backstory of how Opie & Dixie came to be and why we made the choices we did to be organic, cruelty-free, and use eco-friendly packaging.  Being cruelty-free seems like a no-brainer for any company let alone an animal-based brand; however, there are a lot of companies that still test on animals.... Read more
Tue 05.08.18

 Have you ever heard of the Chiweenie? No? Well, you are in for a treat folks, believe me on that. The Chiweenie is a mix between the tiny Chihuahua and the Dachshund (or, as some people call him, the sausage dog, but let’s not talk about that). This mixed breed has been around since the early 90’s, and right now, more and more people are adopting it. Feisty, friendly, and playful, the Chiweenie is a small dog with a big heart, and an even bigger personality.

... Read more

Wed 04.11.18

Recently we celebrated National Puppy Day, but what about the other side of the coin when it comes to caring for our more senior canines? What are some ways we can keep them on a path to a happier and healthier journey to a longer life?

Check out these six tips on keeping our older dogs happy, healthy and well on their way into their senior years and beyond:


1. Watching Out For Toxic Wildlife

Many of us enjoy the great outdoors with our pets... Read more

Mon 10.23.17

Having a pet is one of the great joys in life. Having a pet provides companionship, friendship, and unconditional love. But getting the wrong kind of pet can be a disaster. (Just ask anyone who brought home a puppy that was too energetic or loud.) That’s why it pays to spend time preparing for a new pet before you take the plunge. It starts by figuring out which animal would be best. 

Image Source: Pixabay

Different Animals... Read more
Sat 06.24.17

Ferrets are becoming more and more popular as pets, which means that learning about them before getting one is extremely important. If you're looking for general information about ferrets, such as what to expect when you live with a ferret, where ferrets live or what they eat, you will have no trouble finding ferret facts. Here are a few tips and fun facts about these very interesting pets:

1)    Ferrets aren't wild animals!  They were... Read more

Thu 05.11.17

All dog lovers should be aware of these 8 essential facts about dogs, from how they bond with us to how to best care for her. Take a look:


1. People who own a dog are happier - and may even be healthier!

Its a fact; studies have shown that people with dogs are less likely to suffer from depression.  They can also benefit our physical health; research shows that dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure as well as triglyceride and cholesterol... Read more

Thu 05.11.17


Most pet owners are extremely dedicated to their fur babies and want to provide the best for them as far as nutrition goes, but new studies show that what your parents think they know about our diets may not be completely accurate.

While many pet parents associate a pet’s protein with... Read more

Wed 03.15.17

It is with a shattered heart that I share with you the news of Opal’s (Opie) passage over the Rainbow Bridge in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, March 12th. She would have been 16 years old this year. Even in her later years when she began to lose her hearing, became a bit senile and her back legs weakened, she was actually never in... Read more