Our Story

Beach Dogs

Deb Guardian is the president and founder of Opie & Dixie ®, a family-owned company that produces 100% natural and USDA Certified Organic healing balms, grooming aids, and non-dietary care solutions designed for pets and tested by humans.
As a child growing up in various countries throughout Latin America and Asia, domestic pets were always a part of Deb’s family; cats, dogs, parakeets, fish, turtles, a white mouse, and at one point, a chatty parrot named Paco. Her lifelong compassion for animals led Deb to explore holistic pet care for her beloved Dachshund-Lab rescue mixes, Opal (Opie) and Dixie. The more she researched, the more impassioned and knowledgeable she became about the subject of animal wellness. It was this passion that in 2008 led her to develop her own line of chemical-free, all-natural, organic skincare treatments and grooming products for dogs and cats (and bunnies and piggies, we hear).
Although Opie and Dixie have since soared over the Rainbow Bridge and are now enjoying romps through Dog Heaven's fields of green, Deb’s new Basset Hound rescues, Canyon and Rosie, and her partner, brother Richard's fellow rescue ambassadors, Lily and Jessie are now savoring the same great care that Opal and Dixie enjoyed.